Hide sticky notes temporarily

We sometimes use Miro for retrospectives. We do the collection of cards for retrospectives async so all of the ideas for improvement are submitted in advanced. To ensure we don’t bias one another, we prefer to have the cards hidden until it’s retrospective time. Other dedicated retrospective tools support this use case, but unfortunately this isn’t possible in Miro. 

YES!  This!  We need to be able to have the team place their votes in Retro/Fibonacci scale etc independently then do a 1-2-3-reveal so that they don’t subconsciously influence each other’s votes.  Big plus if this can be done. 

Yes, this will be really helpful.  That is one of the reason we sometimes use others tools actually

Actually I will answer my own comment. if you use the bulk feature of creating sticky notes, then everybody can reveal their post-its at the same time.  :-)

@Paul Timmermann @Jamie Mendez  @Gil 

Did you try the “planning poker” plugin?  The Miro platform team designed it for exactly this purpose. 



@Max Harper  well it is not exactly what I was talking about. I wanted people to write things in the retrospective without others seeing what they are writing

BUT i was not aware of the planning poker plugin, it is really good. Thx for the tip







@Max Harper thanks for the tip! I was using the sticky note feature on the Fibonacci scale with a newly formed team that has varying prior experience with sizing, on a platform they’ve not yet worked on.  Hence the ask. That said, I’ll def try the poker planning once we get a bit more comfortable sizing.  Like @Gil mentioned, it’s a nice feature to have the ability to hide the sticky notes and do a reveal once participants have completed their answer, so as not to influence one another.  @Gil I couldn’t seem to make that work with the Bulk option, how were you able to do that? 

Thanks for helping me out - really starting to dig Miro. :)