Grow or shrink font size with keyboard shortcuts

It would be great to have keyboard shortcuts to grow/shrink the fontsize of a textbox. Of other objects too, for that matter, bu I’m mostly interested in text boxes. (for example in Word I use Ctrl+< and Ctrl+> to shrink or grow selected text and it’s a whole lot faster than using a mouse.  something similar would be helpful here.

Yes, this would be incredibly helpful for heavy text based work! This is a standard feature in many of the design applications and is sorely missed here!

Goddamn, when you have sometnig like this, lack of the sizehotkey is real pain in the ass =(
Absolutely love Miro, but it’s impossible to have any creative moodboard


Haven’t used this app in a while. Tried to use yesterday and the first two things I want to do aren’t offered, check boxes and a font size keyboard shortcut. Love the app but I’m having a tough time getting a flow state going here.

I seriously miss a shortcut for increasing and decreasing font sizes.

Highly recommend the same shortcut used in Adobe apps and Google Slides.

For Mac

⌘ + SHIFT + > for increase

⌘ + SHIFT + < for decrease

And Windows 

Ctrl + SHIFT + > for increase

Ctrl + SHIFT + < for decrease

I sue miro for brainstorming and it would be really helpful