Format Painter for Features

Similar to how some feature rich text editors have format painters for text, could we have format painters for all the objects in Miro?

Examples could be:

  • arrows can be formatted to all be the same type (dotted, thickness, color, text)
  • stickies can all be painted the same tag and color
  • Shapes can be painted the same shape, color, text

How does this only have 4 votes? This is such an obvious and necessary requirement! Please implement it now.

Bump -- this is very much needed. The standard CTRL+ALT+C / V is a good start, but we need to be able to quickly adjust size/wide/height and apply that format across different shapes etc.

This would be amazing. Please add!

I’m transitioning a chart from Visio to Miro and a format painter feature is needed ASAP

Strongly support the above…..real drag on working quickly

Please make this happen Miro 🙏🙏🙏  Will save me a lot of time!

I regularly need to change the style of an arrow between a few options when I’m working on a diagram. It’s separate clicks for color, line style, line flow (corners vs rounded vs straight), end arrow type, and thickness. creating the arrow, and then up to five separate clicks (in three separate areas of the toolbar) to get what I need.