Export board as PDF - Show Frame names in PDF as Table of Contents or bookmarks

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PDF exports are currently missing a table of content (TOC). There is nothing that tells me what is on a single page of the PDF. Since every page corresponds to a frame anyway, frame titles should be exported as TOC elements.

I agree - a PDF should have the Frame title on each page and then generate a TOC as well - currently that information is lost when exporting to PDF.

I really need this!

Hi, I’m using Miro in an education context in the field of Design.  We are using a large board as a community pin up space - like a virtual studio between different sections in a large course.

I plan to periodically export the board as a record of the student performance and in anticipation of this have created many frames each with the student’s name and assignment number.

However, when the pdf is exported the student name (frame name) is earned as a data point and thus it will make my life much more difficult than it needs to be if I want to use the Miro export for anything in the future.

It would be great if the frame name could be exported to the pdf one way or another, either visually on each pdf page or as a page name or something.

I also really need this :) Now I'm using two titles; the frame title and a title in a text box, because the text box I need for export and the frame title is helpfull zooming in and out. 

The frame title is nowhere in the exported PDF.

This is a huge downside of doing a PDF export at all.


Can you fix this?

Adding a +1 to this thread. This enhancement is really needed. 

this idea is active, and already a year old. It has currently 30 votes (at least 3x more votes than any other idea in the backlog that I could find). Arguably it is very easy to implement. Can we please prioritize it.

Yes- good idea - why have to add text if the frame names can serve the same purpose?

I think this should be part of the frame properties on the board.

If the frame itself were to have an option to "Repeat Title Inside Frame or Show Title Outside Frame Only" This would allow the PDF export to work without modification.

It also allows the creator to decide where to place text inside the frame because they can see the title the same way it will appear in the PDF. It may be clumsy otherwise because you will get text on your PDF where you might not want it.

I do like the idea of an option table of contents (TOC) if it's available and some ways to protect the PDF with a password. For now, I have to run security through PDF XChange Editor to accomplish these tasks. I also notice that the cropped images are downloaded as full images. For example, if you cut an image inside miro to exclude personal info, but you export it as PDF and open with a tool like PDF XChange Editor, you can copy the cropped image out and when you do, it's not cropped any longer. So miro is currently making the images in the PDF larger than necessary and potentially revealing information that you did not mean to share with somebody that receives the PDF.

Example of how to handle titles for frame so users can see, in advance, how they will appear in their PDF and image exports.

I would also like to see an option to export a PDF with the text embedded as an image. Making the document protected from copy/paste, effectively...

Idea of making any object inside a frame the "title object" so the text from that object becomes the title for the frame and yet it will display exactly how the users wish on the PDF export.


One more point… When doing the exports, the PDF should include links to each frame.

So in my image above, it would be nice if the title could be automatically setup as as a link back to the frame in the PDF.

This way, somebody can store the PDF in a GTD (getting things done) system like DEVONthink and when they need to go back to edit the PDF and update it in their knowledgebase, they can just click the link, which opens miro in a tab or in a browser so they can make online edits and then export back into DEVONthink to get the benefits of hierarchical tagging, indexing, and artificial intelligence for searching.

So, consider adding to my menu options list

+ Make Title on PDF export a link back to the frame in miro.

As it is, today I have to copy the title into my frame and I have to get the link to the frame and I have to paste that link into the title in my frame and then do the export, which is fine, but this can be automated and would apparently help a lot of people out...

Additionally including frame information should be an option for export as image function. That way a spread of frames + content that might not otherwise make sense in a linear PDF document can be saved without loosing the borders/titles

Does anyone know if including titles in a PDF is yet an option?

I need ToC too please.

It would be awesome if you could export using a PDF template so I could define copyright information at the bottom of each page INSIDE the template rather than on each frame (and “x of y” page numbers)


Hello Miro product team. This request is several years old, and one of the most upvoted ones. Can you please give us an eta.

A very low hanging fruit: add a checkbox to the PDF export dialogue “Display Frame Titles”. When this is checked, simply display the frame title at the top left corner of each pdf page.


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about this feature. We understand the frustration and appreciate your patience. Our team is reviewing this idea as it continues to be open for votes and comments.

For those coming across this idea, if you feel this would be helpful for you or your business, please be sure to vote for it and leave a comment about your use case to help our team scope this request!

Thank you,

Miro Community Team

Up voting this. A very useful quality of life enhancement to have. Without it, you have to enter the same title INSIDE the frame and in the case of exporting as PDF, entering it again in the file name. Easy enough to do but it adds up with every new frame and every edit.