DEVONthink app for Miro

DEVONthink Pro is a critical element of my workflow. I would like to have an app that integrates it to Miro. Mainly I need to link back to the Devonthink item. This feature is not supported right now in miro. Please consider adding this app so I can get DTP and Miro to work together.
Thank you very much

DEVONthink Pro is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.


I've just discovered it and realized if I download my PDFs from miro, I can search them all offline.

Furthermore, because DEVONthink has the ability to save url's I can organize my miro boards and tag them.


Miro has no tagging features and no AI engine for searching.


DEVONthink makes miro a complete tool much more like gmail and Evernote in terms of tagging.

They have a nice blog about tagging:

I've found it also important to understand why tagging is so important and this video series really helps people clarify the concept in their minds: