Custom Zoom Percentage

I would like the ability to choose my own custom zoom in and zoom out percentage via input. The controls are currently preset to x options.


Agree with this! I like how Figma allows you to hold down the Z key and set a custom area to zoom into 

It honestly goes from 100 to 75 to 50… Microsoft Word back in 2003 didn’t have that few zoom options. This isn’t a want, this is a must. Why the crap can I not zoom in 10% increments like Chrome, or use Migmas trick and allow a keyboard click for power users? Below 50 it’s 33 then 17 percent. Which is a decent distance change, but a 25% change (50,75,100) are you kidding me, what dev set that, but didn’t make it closer to a 10-15%change per click!?

Agree fully with the above comments! This is killing me.  Please address.

This has been my main frustration with the software, and it feels like such an easy fix! :grimacing:

This is a real need tbh

I had the same problem last week: the Firefox update to 88.0 64-Bit seems to affect the zoom function in MIRO (and I am using Windows 10).

I downgraded back to firefox 87.0 64-Bit and now it works perfectly again and I could yesterday give my workshop online without problems...

I hope that the next upgrade of Firefox to 89.0 fixes this problem, otherwise I have to stick to 87.0 for ever in order to use miro…

It would be nice if the MIRO excellent prog-wizards could check this together with firefox...

Is the miro team thinking of doing anything to get this functionality back? The previous academic year it was working fine, now back to online teaching first time in two months I would love it back.


It has been fixed. From the Firefox update 89.0 on the zooming function is working fine for me.

Interesting I work on firefox 94.0.1, ubuntu 21.10  and still the scaling jumps from 33% to 50% and then to 75%. Also if I switch to Chrome, the same happens.

Guys, I don’t understand… Can I not zoom to a specific percentage?  Like type somewhere 37% and zoom to that level?

Because if so I don’t see how.  And it’s pretty stunning to me that all I can do is step-zoom in and out of these crazy levels, like 23<->27<->33<->50(!).

Like seriously, I can’t just double click on the zoom percentage box and type in the zoom level I want?

I don’t care about setting the incremental value of each step.  Just let me hand-type the level I want to zoom to.  That can’t be that hard, can it?

Weird hack that I am using to zoom to a specific percentage when I really need it. One-time preparation takes a little time, using it afterwards is faster:

  1. Maximize the window of the application in which you use Miro.
  2. Create a square and enlargen it (e.g. for a 25% zoom factor that is "quite" large).
  3. Select the square and type Alt-2 on the keyboard (for "Zoom to Selected Item").
  4. Enlarge or reduce the square until you have exactly the zoom factor you need.
  5. Label the square with the desired zoom factor.
  6. Create more squares with needed zoom factors.
  7. Copy them somewhere in the board where they do not interfere and use them for your work.

(For obvious reasons, this workaround depends on your window size. But at least it is a possibility.)

Workaround: Zooming to a specific zoom factor with Alt - 2 (for “Zoom to Selected Item”)


Another great example of how the people that make miro don’t actually use it or they would find these arbitrary zoom steps and no way to go to a specific zoom level completely annoying and workflow breaking.
The App could literally zoom to whatever level with what ever precision we wanted. 

Please fix the zoom.

Agree with the need for user-customizable zoom setting. You might like 51%; I might want 52%. We should both be able to zoom to precisely our desired degree.

This is so crazy! I was working with mockups and I was able to zoom into 253% but for the perfect match with real project, I needed 250. 

People, should I even pay money to this company???


It's been 3 years & clearly Miro doesn’t care about their customers. 

I’m SURE it’s an easy fix & no software should control your zoom levels. Clearly they just ignore us. WOW.


Just NUTS.