Curved/circular text

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Uncurved text

Use case: click text box, write text, curve text. 
In the example above is the text uncurved, it is completely straight. I would have wanted to align it to the circle. 

It is a nice to have feature. It’s less visually good, but I won’t die without it, A possible solution for me would be to in the case of needing this feature to use Microsoft.

I'd very much love this feature to be on Miro

Yes please. I just discovered the desire for curved text when I wanted it to follow the curve of a circle I drew. 

Would love this feature! I have the exact same use case. i would love if miro moved more towards figma-level granularity in the design while still keeping simplicity 

I have the same case as well.

I would like this feature as well.

I need this feature.

We all need this feature. It helps having better presentations and better more clean designs. It’s a must have in a design tool.

This would make this software more complete and avoid using PowerPoint in parallel to do it

YES! Please add this.

Yes - I neeeed this feature - big limitation on the final output of workshops and presentation capability

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for taking the time to submit this idea and share your feedback about circular text. Should our team have any other questions, they will be sure to follow up.

For those coming across this idea, if you feel it's helpful to have, please be sure to vote for it and leave a comment about your use case to help our team scope this request.

Yes please, I would like this for presentations and storyboarding. We use Venn diagrams and circles/bubbles for storyboarding.

Yes please.  This is a feature I have used extensively using other products.  I have now ditched them all in favour of the fantastic Miro, so please do add this as a feature.  Many thanks 😁