copy as text functions for sticky notes

It would be great to have the option to select multiple objects and copy the text of these objects in plain text with a CR in between them.

This enables you to quickly copy the contents to any other application like word, powerpoint, confluence, etc.

This functionality already does exist in competing platforms. The export to CSV functions as a workaround for most of my use cases.

See also this thread:

I’m a recent convert from a competitor and this is one of the features I miss most. 

I just ran a session where there were a lot of stickies with votes and I need to download them so I can create actions but I’m having to do it manually :( 

Yes yes yes. Trying to copy out a table from Miro to PPT and it isn’t working. Copy-Paste functionality is urgently needed! 

In addition copying outside of Miro this would also be useful for copying text from several sticky notes into one text box within Miro. For example, figuring our key results for something and want to brain storm with stickies then copy all text into a table cell or text box so KRs are represented cleanly in an area in Miro. 

This would make my job a lot easier as a researcher. We often have to have 2 notetakers for sessions, one for miro where we often do the synthesis, and one for Dovetail where we store all our research notes. 

This might be useful:

  1. Select multiple sticky notes
  2. Export to CSV
  3. Open the CSV file