Connection Lines : Add a 'jump' for lines that cross

In Visio if I have a connection line that crosses another connection line, it automatically adds a little ‘jump’ to show the line direction.


This is a screen grab of a ‘jump’ in the Visio Software.
You can see one connecting line jumps over another.
In Miro this is would just show as two lines crossing, making it slightly harder to read.

This is a very useful feature on complex diagrams.

On you can aslo pick the style and size of the jump


This is more than just useful. Line jumps are absolutely essential in all sorts of diagrams which show directional flow, such as systems architecture diagrams. This functionality is in most other diagramming tools including Visio, Lucid,, and more.

really important feature.. would love to see this..

Line jumps are essential for directional flow, like @Phil Husbands stated. Please get this feature added, it’s so necessary!