Chevron Shapes

Hi there,

I would love to use Chevron type of shapes.

Unfortunately, they are not offered the shape selection.

Is there a way to expand the standard shapes?





Michael -

I guess you’ve already tried creating a chevron shape using lines, then grouping it and duplicating/resizing it?


Hi Kiron,

thanks for the hint. It is a valid workaround :)

Having a standard shape for that would be very convenient, though.


@Michael Hab, I will move the topic to the Wish List :wink:  

To be honest, the work around, at least for me does not work well, because I would like to fill the chevron with a color and then I need to start to put a square and a triangle together. It’s a lot of pain for something that is quite standard in IT

When will the chevron be available? It’s critical to create service blueprints and journey maps!

Suggest that you create a poly-shape where we can define the shape using points and it supports fill colors. This would address this request and likely many more.

If you just need a single object (non-kludgey)  chevron whose color you can easily change, you might consider using the icons available in the Smart Diagrams.