Change cursor - instant reactions for effective team collaboration


It would be a game-changer for online workshops if users’ could display their instant reactions inside the board in real-time.


When managing workshops with multiple collaborators online it is pretty hard to get feedback from all of them at once on any subject. Some time ago ZOOM introduced “meeting reaction” that allowed quick and easy asking for vote, fast  voting, checking status from all of users:

Unfortunately at Miro it is not that simple. One can make workaround - ask people to drag some objects to their avatars, but you need to organize tools, personal space and distract from current task.



What if any user could “send” its state of mind / readiness / instant reaction with a blink of an aye?

And, in modern world, is there any better way to send reaction than with emoji?


For fast accesibility and not breaking the current navigation, it could be under right-click for every user, something like:


In miro you “avatar” is not a video feed, but your cursor with a name sticked to it.

So what if instant emotion changed your cursor - it will be seen exactly where you currently are and at the place you currently work:


The cursor might be changed for approximately 10 seconds or so, and then turn back to its normal state.



Possible other options:

  • ability to pick any of emoji library
  • ability to extend time of change

Great idea. I commented on the other thread more - but main takeaway is that this may fit better in the Toolbar rather than in the right-click menu for ease of access. 

Delivered here - Raise Hand and other instant reaction icons for live workshop events :blush: