Audio message

At this time what I can say is, amazing...could you add the ability to leave comment with audio? If I am not wrong, right now one can comment with text message.

I try to implement this platform in the education ambit, as online education needs students to record audio message that will be efficient and important feature, especially in the language teaching. 

The other point is maybe some scenes of use will be more practical for users leaving audio messages than text messages.

Chat, video, audio, and….Miro is perfect

I’m a composer who would really welcome an option to record sound and put it somewhere on the board. You never know when an idea hits you (usually not when you’re sitting in front of the computer). At the moment I simply record ideas with my smartphone. This results in an unordered list with recordings for different songs.

I would love to have the option to record a voice message in the Miro App and then order it on the Miro board so I have everything ordered by song and part of the song. When working with other composers, this could also vastly improve collaboration.

I attached a mockup below to make it clear.




I am too a composer who records a lot of audio clips of peoplesinging and I would love to be able to drop mp3 files on the board instantly


I love the post of Jonas Scholton, this is what I had in mind

Great idea as would help with accessibility for the visually impaired or people who struggle with literacy.

I do think this is a missing function in Miro!

I’m surprised. Plenty of external integration platforms for this. Surely one could integrate better than what we have now?

🙏 Miro please give us audio 🙏

I am in a band. If we could upload and play tracks simultaneously, it would really help our collaboration. If we had a timeline we could add comments to, even better. If there was a way to attach an audio transcript (such as an SRT file), it would be super accessible for people. 


The more we leave the board… the less collaborative the process is. 


Please give us audio, we’ve been asking for ages!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Monthly bump! GIVE US AUDIO xxx

I want to have an introduction area where my students will post a picture of themselves and leave an audio recording of how to pronounce their name. I am using OneNote for this at the moment because there is an insert audio recording function that works across platform and doesn’t require using other software and then uploading (it is just quicker and easier), But it is harder to make it look nice and organize it well in OneNote.

Yes, it would be super useful feature for online education! Especially for homework checking! We are looking forward for this!

Hi all! 

This was bugging me, too, and I figured out a temporary workaround that I wanted to share! Regardless of not having a tool that directly integrates with Miro, there are a lot of free audio recording tools out there. So it got me thinking… what if we could embed a recording using the “Paste iFrame Code” option? And it worked!


I used Vocaroo, a - no bells and whistles, click to record a snippet - online program. When you are finished recording, simply click on “Save and Share” and then choose “Embed Code”. This will allow you to copy the embed code and paste it into Miro using the “Paste iFrame Code” option. Then, viewers of your board can click and hear the recording without leaving your board.


Good luck and happy Miro-ing!