[Accessibility] Screen reader friendly, high contrast mode, short cut keys

For inclusive facilitation we need accessible functionality for vision impaired participants. This includes but is not limited to: alt tags, high contrast mode, short cut keys and navigation, accessibility tips for board owners and facilitators.

My remote work is almost at least 80% dependent on tools like Miro, but we need methods or at least a roadmap to when accessibility options will be offered. Although we have an enterprise license, our accessibility office recommends using Microsoft Whiteboard, which I’d rather not because Miro houses all of my templates etc.

I had a meeting today with a new user to Miro who is vision impaired.  The issue she had the most difficulty with was seeing the frames outline - the ghosted faint gray line is very hard to see.  It would be great if Miro could add the ability to set frame line thickness / color / etc the same as shapes in addition to fill color.   

In my organization we need accessibility for visually disabled colleagues. I suggest to integrate miro in one of the screen readers (e.g. Jaws)