Ability to group objects and lock objects inside tables

I often do dot voting for my workshops that I run and we often want to move sticky notes with the dots on top. I use tables to organize the workshopping content and can’t group anything within the tables. This means that my participants need to awkwardly try to select content together and can’t group them within the table. The other problem is the inability to lock objects in the table which means that participants can accidentally move content around. These two problems mixed together have proven to be troublesome.

I love Miro and all of it’s features but as a neat freak who loves using tables I would greatly appreciate the ability to lock and group objects while they are inside tables.

I also wish for this feature. What I do now is drag all the objects I want to group to be outside the table, group them there, then drag them back into the table. It is extra work. Sometimes I forget that you can’t group inside the table and I think I’ve grouped them when I really haven’t. Thanks for any updates on this requested feature!

Totally UP-voting this idea! Bring able to group objects in a table is a “must have” for us. Really hope that this feature is available soon! 🙏🏻