A more robust presentation creation system

I’ve just started using Miro and loving it.

I work with a large team and being able to collaborate this way, in one central space, is just what we need.

In a perfect world, it would be great if we could easily translate this collaboration into client-ready presentations, without having to then rebuild everything in Google Slides/Powerpoint/InDesign.

Yes, there are frames, and yes I know I can reorder them, but the functionality is quite basic. Sometimes our presentations can run hundreds of pages long.

Here’s a wish-list of presentation ideas

  • Frames dimensions you can set more precisely. Being able to see the dimensions as you drag the frame helps, but it’s a bit cumbersome. What if I want an 11x17 frame that prints at 150ppi? I need to find an online calculator to figure out those dimensions and then painfully drag my mouse to get the exact pixels I need.
  • A full screen thumbnail view of all frames to easily re-order frames
  • The ability to create blocks/symbols/repeating elements that appear on every page, like title blocks
  • Page numbers or frame numbers
  • The ability to easily edit/re-touch images in some way. Currently we use Indesign with links to Photoshop or PDF files that we can update, and those updates show up in the presentation. Does Creative Cloud functionality do this as easily as InDesign process I described? Haven’t looked into this yet.
  • Layers!
  • Custom fonts/Adobe fonts/Google fonts
  • A more intuitive way to easily PDF a presentation so I can email old timers, or a shareable link to the presentation-only part of the board.

I know what I’m describing is pretty much a combination of Miro and Google Slides/Powerpoint/InDesign, but hey, like I said, in perfect world…




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