2 or more paid accounts working together

It was suggested I post this as a wish list item, so here I am.

I wish that when people with separate paid accounts work together, that it would be possible to add each other to boards as team members without having to pay for an additional seat.

For example, if independent consultant A and independent consultant B both have individual business plans for their work, it should be possible when collaborating on a project that consultant A can add consultant B to the team for that project.

Or if an independent consultant is paying for their own business plan and they are working with an organization that uses Miro, the organization needs to pay for an additional seat on their license to include the consultant in the appropriate team.

Miro is already earning income from each person with their business plan, why double-dip and charge a second time?

I know I can add someone as a guest editor to a board, but the features they can access are limited. The point of this wish is to be able to have the same functionality I pay for in all of the paid-for teams I participate in.

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