How many users can be on a board at once?

  • 13 March 2020
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We’re trying to host a Summit with upwards of 80 participants.

How many users can be on a board at once?



11 replies

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Hi Mattew, thanks for asking!

Do you mean 80 participants are going to edit the board? 80 editors should be fine.

Please, make sure to check the system requirements to ensure a better experience.

Also, as soon as you have all the details of the Summit (number of participants, editors, commenters, viewers), feel free to let our Support Team know, they will check it with the team once more.

Thanks for the reply Marina! That’s helpful.

As a follow-up: Is there a limit to how many people can edit a board at one time?

So if we had all 80 participants edit a board at once, would that be possible?

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Hey Mattew,

Yes, it would be possible. And also to have a better board performance we do not recommend a lot of ‘heavy’ content on the board (heavy images, pen objects).


How many active users can participate in a session at once?


We’re doing a design thinking experiment and asking for input from potentially 100 users. How might the system respond to that?


thanks heaps!

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Hey @Jason Hardie, I’ve merged your question with a similar topic.

The performance depends on the activity you expect from the participants. Normally, you can have up to 100 users simultaneously working on one board (make sure to check the recommendations above). 

You can also try to turn off the collaborators’ cursors. It may help to improve performance.

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We had 180 clients working on a miro board at the same time and it worked very fluent. Cursors off was a big improvement though. ;)

Have you folks stress-tested Miro to see how many people can safely collaborate without delays or crashes? I was just trying out another tool with 9 people and it could not handle it. Looking for another option.

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Hey @rachelg,

I’ve moved your message to this topic. Please see the discussion above.

Hope that helps! :relaxed:

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I've got a colleague who might have a very large workshop with 500 people simultaneously. That's probably not going to work, correct?

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Hi @Rico Trevisan

We would really want to know more about your colleague’s workshop. Could you introduce us?
Answering your question, for this to work the majority of participants on the board must be viewers. 500 editors on the same board are above our capacity at the moment.

Another option our customers do is split the users into a few boards.

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Thanks for the tips, @Timm Shrago . 

I've passed the message on to the colleague who was thinking about this, but no reply so far. I've just nudged him again.