Remote Workshops and Meetings 101

  • 18 March 2020
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Hello :four_leaf_clover:

WFH? New to remote meetings with your team? Need to organize a remote workshop? No worries! Here’s a list of Miro best remote work resources with general tips and best practices to help you.



What are your tips and tricks of remote meetings and workshops?

What helps you to make your meetings effective and engaging?

Share in the comments!

5 replies

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Make sure you have the right tech for your meeting!

Something just happened today, a co-worker (if you can believe this) didn’t have a laptop with a camera or microphone! :scream:

I love that article with all the Google Calendar tips. In our case, we used the “hangouts/meets” option as usual. But my co-worker called in via the phone option and opened the video meeting with a muted PC to avoid feedback.

It totally worked lol!

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@Kyle.C Back when I was working in an office, I used to do the same with the double meeting attendance. Laptop for video, phone for audio. But this started as a bit of a hack because I always had headphones for my iPhone and they don’t fit in my Macbook. 😂

I’ve also just published a new blog article with 6 of my favourite meeting templates for transitioning to remote. I’d love to know what you think.

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@Kristin yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! Those are 6 useful tips!

I think it’s also helpful for beginners to never under estimate the power of keeping a visual record like that. Some team dynamics or meeting styles may not want those kind of templates, and it can seem like extra work to put them together. But don’t underestimate how helpful they can be for the WHOLE team.

I’ve seen often in shorter meetings you actually end up doing more prepping and summaries on your own time, when that could have been done better working together as a team. Again tho… it depends on the team needs and dynamics :wink:

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Hi together,

just watched:

EMEA V MUG04: Working remotely, successfully with Lisette Sutherland:

Thank everybody who was involved - it was such a perfect, good … and couldn’t find a word ... workshop and a big show of how we can use miro and how we can work in the best way with it.

I enjoyed it and learned a lot.:anger_right::bulb:
Thank you at miro and a big thank you to Lisette Sutherland.
I directly bought her book.

Keep on going your good work everybody at miro.:clap::clap:
Thank you very much!!!


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Thanks for this feedback, @mlanders :hugging:

Please join the discussion in this thread as well!