Public Whiteboard Wiki with resources, tips, tools and more on remote work

  • 20 March 2020
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Hi all! Our Miro team has started a public “Whiteboard Wiki” board for us to collectively start consolidating resources, tips, tools and more on remote work. 



Additionally, were starting to run Remote Work AMAs, which are casual group Zoom calls with a panel of experts  on remote collaboration. Anyone can join and ask any questions about transitioning to remote/WFH. Check out our upcoming AMAs here:


You can view the recording and the notes from our first AMA that we held yesterday here:

2 replies

Good idea to co-create the board to consider different work cultures and needs!

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Hey everyone! We had our 2nd Remote Work AMA today! 

During today’s Remote Work AMA, where we chatted with experts from Alteryx, Lyft, and Miro where will answer all of your questions on bringing in-person community user groups to the virtual space. 

We’ve also added the visual notes to our “Whiteboard Wiki


We have another event focused Remote Work AMA this Wednesday! RSVP Today!