How to Run Remote Meetings and Workshops in Miro

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Hey, Miro Community,
It’s Anna, Marketing Manager here at Miro.

I know that these days lots of us need to run remote meetings and online workshops, and it can be really challenging. From introducing new technology to keeping everyone on-track, there is a lot to consider.

I want to invite you to our upcoming Remote Meetings and Workshops in Miro webinar where we’ll walk you through how to facilitate engaging online workshops and meetings.

In just 45 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

  • set up Miro boards for collaborative workshops

  • use facilitation tools to manage and engage attendees

  • onboard participants in advance of your event

  • manage access rights and permissions

  • and choose the right plan for your business or event.

🖥️️ Join us on Tuesday, May 12, 8 AM PDT, 11 AM EDT.


❓If you have a topic or question you want us to cover during the webinar, please, leave a comment below.



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I signed up for the webinar. When signing up, the form said that I would receive the event details after signing up (so I can put the event on my calendar). Instead, I received the same promotional email I received this AM to sign up for the webinar...w/o any calendar information. 

I really want to catch this webinar. If it’s not on my calendar, I know I’ll miss it! 

I’m interested in attending. When I fill out the form and click the Sign me up button nothing happens.

Join to above question

Love this opportunity.  Will it be recorded (or part of it).  8.00 a.m. PDT is 3.00 a.m. NZ time so I will definitely struggle with making this one!.

If its not recorded then I’ll look forward to future opportunities 

Keep up the good work team


Like the Kiwi, 

the hours for these sessions are not conducive to the southern hemisphere  Miro users (well hoping to be)

Can you do one per month that sits better with our time zone.



I’m in Sydney and would love to attend the session, but the 1am time might not work on the day for me, are you able to record and share the session once it has completed?

I am also inSydney and agree with others above a link to a recording at least would be good

Also in the same time zone as Sydney - and would love access to a recording after the webinar is complete. Thank you!

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Hi all! Sorry for the inconvenience with the timezones, we’ll send the recording to all who signed up for the webinar. 

I also can’t make it to this but would really value having the recording sent to me afterwards so have signed up anyway. 



I will sign up for this webinar, but the time does not work for me to attend.  As I understand, a recording will be provided to all who register.  I would also appreciate receiving the recording.  Thanks.

Looking forward to the webinar!

I’m interested in finding a tool for a workshop that allows me to collaborate with the (about ten) participants on a whiteboard (write on sticky notes and move them), to chat with them and to share my presentation with them.

I’m also interested in data privacy.

Hi! Will you be running this webinar again? 


Can we view the recording?


Hi Anna, please do share/email the webinar from yesterday evening.


Great webinar!


When will we get the recording? I’d love to share it with my team.

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Hi Community! 


Thank you for your interest in our webinars. 

Here you can get the recording of the latest “Running remote workshops and meetings in Miro” webinar. Please, feel free to share this link with your colleagues and network. 

Also, stay connected to learn more about our future updates and webinars. 



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Thanks, Anna!

The link is shared and distributed :)

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Hey all! 

Be sure to accept terms and conditions in order to register. Otherwise, the button will do nothing. 

Hello! I have signed up but didn’t receive the link to join. The webinar will start in 3 hours so will you send it just before it starts?

Hello! I have signed up but didn’t receive the link to join. The webinar will start in 3 hours so will you send it just before it starts?

It says “1 reply” next to my name but I can’t find where to read it…?

Hi! I want to know there's any other webinar for new users?

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Hi @YazminMichelle,

There’s a live Getting Started with Miro webinar every Thursday at 8am PDT.

You can sign up for the next one, on June 18th, by clicking that link above!

To view the replay of a previous webinar on-demand, click here.

There’s also the Getting Started in Miro course in the Miro Academy if you’re interested as well.

I hope that’s helpful!

Michael Sohn