Upcoming Virtual Miro User Group Event in North America

  • 23 February 2021
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Hey Amazing Miro Community!

As many of you know, the North American chapter of the Virtual Miro User Groups is led by @Annie and me, and we host monthly events to showcase speakers on their area of expertise and how they are using Miro in new or amazing ways.

I wanted everyone to know about the cool virtual event we have coming up this Wednesday, February 24, at 4:00 pm PST. It is our first Ask Me Anything type event, and we have six amazing former speakers and community members, including:

@Robert Johnson@Cozy Juicy Real@Natalie Mandriko@Matthew Stephens@Kim White, and Greg Kozera.

Click here to sign up for this FREE event, VMUG14: Ask Us Anything, and bring your burning Miro questions along with you! 

Hope you see you all there!


4 replies

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It’s a great group of people you’ve got together... I look forward to the questions, answers and learning something new! :)

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Love it!

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@Jonathan White -

I’d love to attend these events, but they always seem to conflict with my dinner time, and you can guess which need wins out, right :wink:? An hour or two earlier for future sessions would be excellent…


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@Kiron Bondale, yes, we have debated the timing of our events many times. I always feel bad for easterners who have to stay up late, while west coasters have to knock off work a bit early to attend. We will keep discussing and experimenting!!