[Q&A] Miro's Vision for Hybrid Teams

  • 15 February 2022
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[Q&A] Miro's Vision for Hybrid Teams
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Hi Miro Community, 

As companies around the world design the next phase of their workplaces, the most common setup is a hybrid model, where people work some days from a physical office and some days from home or another location. But doing hybrid well can be hard. 

At Miro, we’re using our extensive experience as a globally distributed team — that uses our product every single day (in a multitude of ways) — to inform our company’s approach to hybrid work.

On Feb 16 and Feb 17, Miro’s Head of Operations, @Grisha Pavlotsky, and Head of Product, @Varun Parmar, spoke about what factors we’re considering as we design the next phase of work and how our product strategy works to ensure that our hybrid experiences are inclusive and engaging. 


Have you attended the webinar? Please share your thoughts, ideas, feedback, and ask any questions you have for us :point_down:


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That’s something that I needed so much. I’ll be there.

Thanks @Marina for posting and for the event !


Keep up the good work.