Distributed ‘22 Inspiration Thread - Day 2

  • 16 November 2022
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Distributed ‘22 Inspiration Thread - Day 2
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Day 1 was fantastic and we still want to hear from you for Day 2! Please share which sessions and speakers have inspired you most throughout the day.

Use this thread to connect and share your favorite sessions, speakers, quotes, ideas, and any new Miro tricks and tips you’ve learned from day 2👇


4 replies

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I just attended the The (A)sync Game session. Interesting insights in different work scenarios and asynchonous solutions. I am looking forward to use the newest features in Miro, especially Talktrack! 

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Thank you for joining us Tabhita! We are glad that you found it interesting and are very excited to let you try Talktrack soon! Look out for our welcome email in the coming weeks 😀

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I just tried the new Talktrack feature in Beta today. This is awesome. For me a game changer in asynchronous work when it's about Miro. 
I'm using Miro a lot with my team and with customers and until now I was really happy with Loom and Claap. But this is so much more flexible. I'm celebrating the genious who had this idea!! THANKS!! :-)

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@Helgos Thanks for your kind words, my team and I are so happy to hear that our users see value in Talktrack, and honestly hope it will level-up your async game!  PS: The genious in question is our brilliant colleague Raphael Nogueira Salvador 😊