Use Web SDK to get all mind map nodes

  • 15 March 2024
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I’m trying to get a list of all nodes in a mind map using the Web SDK.  The documentation here: gives the following example

// Get all mind map nodes from the board

const items = await miro.board.experimental.get({type: 'mindmap_node'});

However, when I run it on my board, I only get the root node of the mind map.  Is this supposed to return all nodes?  Am I missing something?

An alternative approach I’ve tried is to use the above to get the root, then use miro.board.experimental.get() to retrieve every child node by id recursively, but I always bump up against rate limiting.

1 reply

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Hey @Aaron Gallaher,

Thanks for reaching out! At the moment, the get method supports the parent/root nodes for mind maps in the experimental namespace.

To get children nodes, you can call {{parent/root_node}}.getChildren()

That said, I agree this is not super clear in our documentation. Thanks for raising this—we'll work to make this clearer!