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  • 28 January 2021
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Hi, after searching in the documentation I found the selectWidgets Miro board method. I simply want to use a array of widget ids from the board, input them into the method and want them to get selected on the board, from what I have read in the documentation this should be working.


Link to the documentation:


The method:

My implementation:

The error I get:

I never used this method before so it is possible my implementation is wrong, if that is the case and someone knows what is wrong please correct me.


But the documentation says the method should accept a parameter of widgetIds which the array I’m passing into it has. This most probably isn’t the problem as the error seems to be in the method itself rather than in the parameter passed.



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Hello Sami,


The selectWidget method is a selection command, so the correct way to call it is like this:

await miro.board.selection.selectWidgets(["3074457353768192165", "3074457353769530887"])

In this example, I pass and array with the ids of the widgets I want to select.

You are just missing the word “selection”. 


Kind regards.