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Miro supports a very usefull tool when sharing boards between users, where a user can send a link with a specified widget. When another user opens the board with this link, he gets automatically redirected to the position of this widget on the board.


Is there a method for using this functionality via the miro SDK? 

I was looking into the viewport section of the documentation as it seemed like the most probable place to have this functionality, but didn’t find it there.


Is this a part of the SDK and if so could someone link me to the documentation?


Best answer by Sami Ljimari 8 June 2021, 15:52

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Found the answer in a different part of the documentation:

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@Sami Ljimari  

Note that that method in the SDK is ‘deprecated’ - 

Which is a bummer, because … its super useful!

It has seemed to me that the platform team wants us to use miro.board.viewport.set()  … but I honestly think the abstraction of passing in a widget id to “zoomToObject” or something similar is really helpful. 

Perhaps the SDK team will find your and my interest in this functionality valuable. 
@Farbod Saraf