Reason is platformApplicationNotFound

  • 8 February 2021
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I am getting the following error when i am trying to integrate MIRO board.{
windowRef: windowRef, //Provide opened window reference
clientId: miroClientId, // ask the backend
action: "access-link",
allowCreateAnonymousBoards: true, //2) Enable this option
getToken: () => getMiroJWT(), // Provide token in async way
success: data => {
console.log("on success", data);
document.querySelector("#test").innerHTML = data.embedHtml;
error: e => {
console.log("on error", e);
cancel: () => {
console.log("on cancel");


getMiroJWT() returns a promise. And the windowRef works but it says “Sorry, integration is unavailable.” . The exact error message from the console log is

“ on error Application key: **********. Reason is platformApplicationNotFound “


I could not find anything about platformApplicationNotFound in the documentation, so it would be nice if you could add that for someone else. 


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Hey Atanas!

Thank you for the feedback about our developer documentation, I agree that it would be great to have error descriptions there :thumbsup:

Regarding your question, it seems you’re trying to implement “Embedding of miro board without registration”  through this guide:

This guide starts with creating a Miro App and sending to Miro request to enable this app’s client_id with required features. After that, you can use this app’s client_id within boardsPicker code.

Judging by error you shared in the post, you either made a type in the app’s client_id within boardsPicker code, or accidentally deleted the app.

Hello Boris, 

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately it was not because i have deleted the app or made any typos in the client_id. It was because I passed the client_id as an integer rather than string. Now it all works fine.