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Hello everyone, 

I am using the embed miro whiteboard to enable users to create anonymous board. One of our customers ask us how Miro handle them. Are they deleted after an amount of days or are they stored forever ?

I have searched in the documentation but I have found nothing about that.


Thanks for your help :)


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@Clément Pasek - Please further walk us through exactly what you are doing as I am not understanding how you are letting people create their own “anonymous board”.

Are you referring to using Miro Lite? If so, these boards are permanently deleted 24 hours after they are created.

Are you somehow automating the board creation process, e.g., using Miro’s developer platform REST API?

HI @Robert Johnson, I use the embed miro integration with the feature 

2) allowCreateAnonymousBoards you can allow not registered in Miro users to create a new board and embed it on the website via iframe.


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@Clément Pasek - If boards created using allowCreateAnonymousBoards are visible in your Miro team, then I would expect they would be treated like any other board in your team in that they are never deleted while your account is active - I think I read somewhere on this forum that boards are permanently deleted 150-180 days after an account has been closed.

Since your are using the REST API, I will move this post to the Developer Platform and APIs category.

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Hi @Clément Pasek, it seems you use the Editable boards for anonymous users feature. The temporary board allows any user to create an empty Miro board without registering with Miro. The board will be deleted after 24 hours if you do not move it to an existing Miro account.

Thank you for your help :ok_hand: