Provide cross-team tokens

  • 1 April 2020
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Right now, the Miro access tokens are bound to a specific user and a specific team. This requires users to authorize our app multiple times with Miro (for each team).

Our users found this pretty counter-intuitive. Their expectations are set by Zoom/Slack/Github which asks users during their default OAuth flow only once to connect the account.

It would therefore be easier to if Miro OAuth access tokens could work across teams (and the API requires the team_id as a parameter when e.g. creating a board).


2 replies

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Ronny, I feel your pain, though I don’t think comparison with Slack/ Zoom is a good one.

In Slack case, e.g., you’d have to set up integration for every workspace you have. Consider team a workspace =)

However, we understand that right now UX is not the best if user needs to work with an integration in multiple teams, so we’ll be tackling this in the future.

For my understanding, users you’re talking about belong to the same organisation or not?

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Boris, thanks for clarifying! If you consider teams on the level of Slack workspaces (i.e. typical separate organizations): then it makes indeed sense to have a token per team.

To keep the parallel with Slack: it would then be great to have separate accounts per team. So, I run through an OAuth flow with my “Team 1” account and through another OAuth flow with my “Team 2” account (as I do with the separate accounts for each Slack workspace).

PS: I understand that this touches probably to the core of how Miro users/teams are organized :) Hence, consider this just as developer feedback on how I got confused trying to build parallels to other OAuth-based platforms.