Programmatic board creation with anonymous collaboration

  • 25 January 2022
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We’re looking to create an experience where someone can take an existing Miro board in their account, and our service can easily spin up clones of that board on-demand for individual collaborative meetings with anonymous users.

Using OAuth I can get to the point of reading boards from the user’s team and even creating a ‘cloned’ board by duplicating the widgets from a selected source board. But it appears the anonymous collaborative “access links” are specific to the embedded Board Picker experience.

I don’t want to force our users to manually create and pick a board for each meeting instance - the experience I want to enable is that they click ‘create room’ in our app, and a Miro board with public editing is created from the source board they selected once, instantly.

Is there any way we can utilize public access links via the OAuth API programmatically in our backend instead?

1 reply

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Hi Grant! 

We just launched version 2.0 of our platform yesterday (read the announcement here:, and our REST API now includes a copy/duplicate board endpoint. I think this will solve what you’re looking for!