Plugin Installation Issues: "We couldn't install this app. A client must have at least one registered redirect URL"

  • 25 November 2021
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Yesterday I tried to distribute a proof of concept plugin to some random people.

For some reason some of them were unable to install the plugin. They encountered the following error message:

We couldn't install this app.
A client must have at least one registered redirect URL


In order to confirm the bug I created a blank new Miro account. However, installation was no problem for me and the plugin installed as it should and functions without any issues.

Steps to reproduce

Below is a sample of the settings that I used to configure the App:

Redirect URI for OAuth2.0:

Empty because I do NOT use the REST API.


  • boards:read
  • boards:write

Boards Picker
Empty because I do not need people to pick a board.

What is going wrong here? Is there something I’m missing? Or are we dealing with a bug?

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5 replies

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Hi Marijn! 

Are you able to send the project for the app? It’s a bit odd that it’s only happening on others’ machines, but I’d love to test it on my end to see what’s going wrong. 


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Thanks! I’ve send you an email containing the share URL. Let me know if you need anything else, I appreciate you helping out.

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I was able to resolve the issue with help from @Addison Schultz.

The Miro App dashboard exposes a share URL where the parameters have been URL encoded but they shouldn’t be.
The solution is to decode the value of redirect_uri

I am also trying to deploy my custom plugin for a team that is not the dev team by using the installation URL. Is the problem that I am using a free version of Miro right now?


Hello All, 


We have the exact same issue as Shaun. As our research shows we do not need to register our application in Marketplace. Is there anything we need to do in order to make this work. Our application was authorising correctly in the past, are there any changes in the Miro API?