Plugin for sync'ing widget duplicates just launched - CarbonCopy v2

  • 4 October 2021
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Have you ever wanted to syncronise your Miro widgets so the text, colour or tags remain in sync across your Miro board? Yes? Great, then you take a look at CarbonCopy on the miro marketplace.

This version builds on the learnings from the previous version of CarbonCopy.

  1. I have isolated the functionality of CarbonCopy from miro’s features. It means a small lag using miro features is removed.
  2. CarbonCopy is more closely aligned to miro’s guidelines on apps. Less cost of change for me when miro changes their api in the future.
  3. Feedback is integrated inside the app. You can send a message from inside the plugin with your ideas for improvements or bugs you are experiencing.

Fancy new feature:

It’s now possible to isolate sync’ing at a widget property level. That means you can sync everything on a widget (such as colour and tags) whilst excluding the text which can be unique on each widget. 

  1. This video gives you a demo on the basics of this feature on a Note widget.
  2. Another video explains nice stuff you can do with Shapes.

cc @Ramkumar

2 replies

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That’s awesome, thanks @Markus Smet 

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Worth mentioning you can sync hyperlinks across your widgets

So you can have a widget A with a hyperlink to widget B, then sync widget A and every instance of the sync’ed widget A points at widget B. I can imagine that’s handy for navigation and it enables DRY work because you can centralise work (UI design, research, a template) in one place and the sync’ed ‘widget A’ can point to that centralised work from any number of locations elsewhere on the board.

Tell me if it inspires other ideas.