Miro API Clients in C# and Python from OpenAPI Specification

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First, congratuations for the excelent Miro documentation: probably the best I used in 30+ years 😀

Based on my very long experience ( 5 days !!! ) with Miro, I just published a Medium Story and a GitHub repository with API Clients in C# and Python, based on Miro OpenAPI Specifications:

Miro - Miro OpenAPI Specifications

Medium - Create Miro API Clients in C# and Python from OpenAPI Specification

GitHub - Miro

It could help other developers to create their own API Client in other languages. As far as I saw, currently Miro GitHub as an API Client just for Node.js/TypeScript.

Thanks ( you may close the Conversation ) 

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Hey @Siegmar, this is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. We are super excited to try them.


We are quite amazed by what you have done (both the client libraries and the blog articles). We would love to learn more about you and your experience. If it is ok with you, we will reach out to keep the conversation going.


And thanks for the kind words regarding the documentation, it means a lot to all the teams involved and motivates us to keep building a product that developers love.




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Just for information, I changed the name of the GitHub repository and updated the Medium Story link:

GitHub Medium-Miro