How to create and access activity reports via API or SDK of an organisation ?

  • 18 January 2021
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Hi all,

we would like to create daily reports of our company account in Miro  that contains the total number of users, total number of boards, the number of users of boards, etc. The created report should be  downloaded it via an API call or SDK function.

We have a main KPI Dashboard that collects such metrics from other agile and developer tools and provides an overview for internal analysis.

But i could not find any rest point in API or a function in SDK in Miro that allows us such as report creation and export.

Do you have this kind of function or rest point about reporting of activity metrics described above ?


Best regards and thanks in advance.


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Hi @Taner Melikoglu,

You might find this instruction helpful -

It does not provide the stats like the total number of users and boards, but provides the events, and you can aggregate that data to create your own daily reports.

Hi @Marina,

thank you for your respond.

Is there any possibility about to get the list of all the teams in the company via an API or something similar ?




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Hello Taner,


Unfortunately, the current API does not offer access to the list of teams in the organization. You only have access to the team on which you installed your app. Access to information regarding other teams in the organization is something that we are considering for a future release.


Kind regards.



Hi Daniela,

ok, i understand. Thx for your answer.