How best to get website user flows in Miro?

  • 21 May 2020
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I have a prototype in FramerX and can only see all the user flows when playing the prototype in Framer X or via a URL in the browser.

To get these user flows in Miro, I’m taking screen grabs, pasting the screens and adding arrows. But would love to be able to have this automatically generated. 

Ideally, integration between Miro and Framer X would be brilliant, but for now, just being able to point to a URL and have Miro do the rest would be great.

Is this possible?


Best answer by Viktor Dolhishev 15 July 2020, 09:57

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1 reply

It seems like it’s not possible at the moment. I didn’t find API endpoints to get data of a project in docs from Framer.