Free plan can't use BoardPicker?

  • 15 January 2021
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Hello, everyone.

I want to use miro for not registered user to edit board with each other.

I've been trying in various ways to use BoardsPicker. 

But I'm on the free plan, so I won't be able to  use this. Everytime, “Domain is not in allowlist. Reason is domainNotInAllowList. “

The reason is that the whitelisted domain is not found at all in the free plan.

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I can’t find the way how to find allowlist and enter domain to allowlist with free paln.

It’s very difficult for me to use miro BoardPicker….


If you know the way how to find whitelisteddomain, and how to add my domain to the allowlist with free plan, could you teach me the way?




Best answer by Boris Borodyansky 25 January 2021, 12:33

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2 replies

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Hey Gakuto.

You need to follow this guide.

As I know, Miro has already approved your client_id, so now you need to add domains from which you’re going to call the boardsPicker to allow-list (step 3 in the guide)

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It seems I forgot to attach the guide link: