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Find us on Developer Q&A the first Wednesday of each month

  • 17 January 2023
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Hey, Miro developers! 

We’d like to invite you to join our monthly Developer Q&A sessions, a dedicated time for you to get insights on any questions or topics you might have. It is hosted by our Developer Relations team and often we will also have special guests from the Developer Platform engineering and product team to cover more specific topics. 


When: The first Wednesday of each month at 5:30PM CEST/ 9:30AM CT, lasting for 30 min. 

Where: on our Discord channel #developer-Q&A-sessions

Who can join: everyone exploring or building with the Miro Developer Platform is welcome to join - no matter how much experience you have with the Platform, this time is for you. 


How to submit topics for discussion:

Interested in exploring a specific topic, or have questions on something in particular? Feel free to let us know by adding a comment in this thread or sharing your ideas with us on Discord! For more common questions and topics, feel free to bring up during the session - no advance needed. 


We often also use this time to share about new things that the team is working on or new features that have been released. 

You can find recordings on specific topics that were covered during these sessions on our Dev Q&A Youtube playlist or by checking our Developer Community Page under "Developer Q&A", which is updated every time a new recording is available.

If you have any feedback, or if there are different things you'd like to see during these sessions, just let us know! We’re constantly iterating on our events to make sure they’re relevant to you.

Looking forward to seeing you in our next Developer Q&A!

Miro Developer Relations

4 replies


Are there any plans for exposing events, like dragging a card from one column in a kanban board to another, to developers in the web sdk so that we can subscribe to them and do actions based on those events? That would open up a world of possibilities as a developer!


Our team would like to see a feature where an object can be a “twin” of another object. So any changes to one are copied over to any twin copies of the object.




Hi there,

Users keep telling me that my app isn’t working because when you install an app from the marketplace there is no visual feedback of what has happened. Users don’t know where they can find the app after they have installed it.

But the marketplace listing is the main landing page to direct interested users to when trying to advertise. Could you provide a toast or something to make it more obvious what users need to do to use an app after installing it from the marketplace?



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Hey @David Bowe,

Thanks a lot for sharing this, it’s great feedback for our team on the app installation/authorization flow. We’ve shared this feedback internally and appreciate your raising it with us!