Feature request for release of Notion.so API

  • 8 July 2020
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I would like to put forward a topic (and request) about creating a live diagram from a Notion instance in Miro, once the Notion API finally is released (and which we have no details on I realize...).

What I’d like to accomplish is visualize all my relationships in Notion “live” in Miro via API.  I have experimented with Jira and Asana cards, but neither take into account relationships at all.  I’d use this to visualize my website and dev platform, ERD-type stuff, server config, etc.  The bonus I’m looking for is as I build this in Notion, and adjust relationships, this would all update automatically in Miro.  So I would solve the huge problem of diagramming in Miro, but then being left with the diagram being almost instantly out-of-date due to work being done in Notion that has to be represented on the fly in the Miro Diagram.

I have thought about the same thing in Coda already, as they have an API live.  If anybody has any thoughts here I’d greatly appreciate it.

I actually moved from Coda over to Notion due to Notion’s simplicity, so I’m looking for support of guidance on this from Notion.  Also interested if others would like this as well!

I believe this is a related post.


Thank you!

4 replies

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@JohnQR  Totally understand you. What you’re talking about is 100% possible (if/when notion makes an API. See below for examples of similar.  Very doable in Miro.  Happy to discuss more about how this will be possible - DM me if you’d like… look forward to connecting on it. 

Here’s a glimpse of Tag Connector: an app in beta we built; now prepping its arrival to the Miro app marketplace. See more here: www.refractivestrategy.com 



Here’s visualization of Pocket tag-networks:



hey @Max Harper great, this looks great!  Word is Notion’s API will be out this quarter, and if so, I will definitely check back here.  Your “affinity network” image definitely looks a good degree like what I am trying to accomplish!


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@JohnQR :raised_hands:

I would love something like this for roamdb but rather than using tags for connections, it would be great if it used the markdown links that are built into roam’s blocks. 


I’ve tried out clusterer plug-in and similar to what you are showing, the connections are made using tags.

A related feature that could be super-handy for boards entered the standard way in miro would be to cluster on connections. So just connect up items using the standard grabby blue dots and then let a force-directed graph repositioning happen.