Deleted Developer Team - not can't delete apps OR create a new dev team

  • 9 March 2022
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Full disclosure: I have submitted a support ticket, but thought I would check here to see if anyone has ran into a similar situation and resolved it on their own as I am feeling stuck.

A while back, I created a Developer Team using the following URL:

I then created six apps.

Yesterday, I

  1. uninstalled the apps from a few of my teams.
  2. deleted my Developer Team.


Where is happening now - I cannot:

  1. delete the apps I created. When I go to my Profile settings → Your apps → select one of my created apps and then use the Delete app action, I receive an error of: Account not found:
  2. And when I try to create a new Developer Team using this URL:, I get an error that User has already created a developer team (or something very close to that - it disappears quickly, and doesn’t always display, so I could not capture it).

Has anyone else ran into this and had it fixed? I really need to keep this Miro account profile as I have multiple subscriptions and 100s of board associated with it.


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4 replies

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Whether I should have or not, I

  • created a Developer Team on another account of mine,
  • added my main profile as a team Member,
  • promoted myself to Team Admin
  • and left myself as the other member.

Now I have a Developer Team on my main account again. However, I still can’t delete the apps that are on my old dev team.

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Hey @Robert Johnson


Really sorry you never got an answer to this question. Someone from the team just found your post and raised that we missed it. 


Is there anything we can help you with?

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@Anthony Roux - No worries. I ended up opening a support ticket and the apps were manually deleted 😊

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Glad to hear that.


Happy new year 😊