Custom Plugin - StickerMan

  • 8 June 2020
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Surely you have already seen the new "auto-layout" function, I think you liked it. Of course, this new button is really needed, but our small team of programmers has got an idea. We want to make a plugin for Miro users, which adds a new function to make an excellent looking Miro board in a few clicks. After great creative work, you've got a mess all over the board, but we have a solution for it, u can group stickers by any signs (color, size, etc.). The plugin we're working add a "magic wand" button, all u need is just choose stickers u need to group and press the button. U will get an imposing result.

What do you think about our idea? Maybe you suggest some options for grouping?

2 replies

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I will try to show you how it works.

We have stickers on the Board, and we need to arrange them:

 We select stickers for grouping and press the magic button:

Choose the options we need: 

Make a magick, and get the result:


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Brilliant idea! I would love this feature.