Custom Notifications for MIRO board

  • 2 June 2021
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I wan to show a custom message bar on top of all the board across my team. I can push a message on the board through web plugin using showNotification() method but if I use method, the notification disappears after few seconds.

I want to ensure this message never disappears from the board and every time user open the board, this message is visible. What's the best way of achieving this.

1 reply

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Hi @anupam UJJWAL,


It is not possible to use showNotification() for a long time message display and we do not have any other component offering such a feature. The only way would be to create something on the board directly. I will raise this feedback to the team to add it to our backlog to be prioritised.


Regarding the event, the closest one we offer is:


You can use it like this:

miro.addListener('ONLINE_USERS_CHANGED', widget => {
miro.showNotification("Hello new user");