Create a Widget with a set 'Link to' value

  • 29 March 2021
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When creating a new widget from the REST API, is there a way to set a URL as the ‘Link to’ value? If so, what does that look like in the JSON?


Best answer by Daniela Gavidia 7 April 2021, 12:00

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7 replies

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Hello @Fry,


Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this in the SDK at the moment. I will pass your request to the SDK team to consider making this possible in future versions of the SDK.


Kind regards.



@Daniela Gavidia I would like to concur this would be a very helpful feature. The ability to “read” the current link value for widgets through the API would be very beneficial as well...

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Hi @Daniela Gavidia, this feature is really a must have to automate linking to external resources. 

Miro SDK is really missing some basic important features like this one, making it almost useless for most cases.

Hi @Daniela Gavidia ,

Any new developments regarding the feature mentioned?


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Hello Pedro,
Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates on this. It is not currently planned to be made available through the SDK or REST API. I will share this thread with the platform team to show that there is interest in this feature.

Kind regards.


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@Daniela Gavidia 


while this isn’t precisely what you’re after I’m pretty sure you can insert an <a href=“”></a> into the text/content of various widgets?