Can we add custom Items in Plugins like cards or specifically rendered items?

  • 15 April 2020
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I would like to be able to add items, that have a certain functionality and would need a special rendering, like having dice represented on the board or playingcards, that can be flipped, or an avatar with a hands up indicator.

Is there a way to do that? The normal API options do not allow for something like this.





Best answer by Boris Borodyansky 15 April 2020, 20:27

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4 replies

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@Falk Kühnel -

I’ve already asked @Boris Borodyansky about creating a simple random number generator widget which could be used to simulate a dice roll. Right now I am doing this using an external iFrame.

The card behavior would be similar to what is available in the Planning Poker app where you can drag a card over to a board and flip it to reveal the value. Unfortunately that app doesn’t seem to be showing up in the marketplace anymore otherwise you could have contacted the developer of that…


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I would like to use Miro as working tool for workshop gamification. And i can do a lot of things already, but would like to have more convenience in this for the participants.

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Wonder, what is it you’re working on anyway =)

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Falk, right now we do not support custom renders.

We might support SVG widgets in near future, can’t say any ETA for it. 


I have seen cases where an image was playing role of custom render, and clicks over the image were treated as actions - maybe that’s something that could help you as well.