BUG: v2 REST API: get-items-within-frame doesn't seem to work

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Hi, hope this is the right place to feed back with a bug report.  Someone please redirect me if not 😄

I think there's a bug with https://beta.developers.miro.com/reference/get-items-within-frame

Others calls I’ve used so far work fine for me (suggesting user error is unlikely 🤞).

Firstly and most importantly, the NodeJS version (which I'm using) fails saying:

Sorry, `get-items-within-frame` does not appear to be a valid operation on this API.


Other things that suggest there are problems:

  • Notice it mentions `localhost` in ref at top
  • The shell version URL just says `items`.

Thanks and HTH!

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Thanks for raising this @Arkade.


This should be fixed now.

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Great, yep that fixed it.  Thanks!

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A couple of odd observations on results and requests for help:

  1. Sometimes cards within frames aren’t within frames?!
  2. Cards within Kanban columns are not returned as within the frame.

To expand upon (1), I have a frame with 4 cards in.  I called the API and only got back 2 of them.  I dragged all cards out of the frame, dropped them, then dragged them all back in.  Now the API returns all 4 cards!

To expand upon (2), I have a Kanban list/table/whatever with cards 4 within it and the Kanban is within the frame.  Nothing I do seems to get it to return the cards within the Kanban within the frame.  I guess this might be something to do with multiple levels of containment?

Obviously there’s a workaround for (1) but it’s worrying that such can occur.  More importantly, how can I resolve (2), please?

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p.s. A request to the get-items API with no type returns all expected items (inc. cards and frames) and 1 item with type ‘kanban’ however a request to the get-items with type:’kanban’ fails with 400 “Bad Request”.

I had hoped I could find all the kanbans within a given frame and then the cards within the kanbans.

Any ideas most welcome :)


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Hey @Arkade,

Thanks for the prompt reply and for sharing these additional observations — happy to take a closer look at these for you.

First, regarding (1) sometimes cards within frames aren’t within frames — were any of these cards associated with a kanban or other containing object? (If so, these won’t be returned unless they’re removed from the kanban)

As for (2) cards within kanban are not returned as within the frame — this is a known limitation at the moment, as kanban cards aren’t supported by this API yet. This is also why you’re getting this error when specifying type=kanban, as it’s not yet an officially supported type for this API. This is on our product team’s roadmap, however, and it’s something we hope to address soon 🤞

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Hi, @Will Bishop thank you, too for the prompt reply :)

On (1) they hadn’t been part of a Kanban previously, no.  I couldn’t say whether they were created prior to the frame (or after).  I cloned one of the cards to create others though so that might be part of the reproduction?  I don’t believe they had been part of another containing object though.  (Sorry for not being able to be more specific.  I did this prior to logging the original ago (in the dev board I’m doing this work against) and lots happened since then 🤷).

Re. (2) ah well, thanks for letting me know.  I guess we’ll have to pause this work then (since we make such extensive use of ‘Kanbans’).  What would be the best way for me to get notified when they become part of the API, please?

Thanks again

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Hey @Arkade,

Thanks for this — first, regarding (1), I unfortunately have not been able to reproduce this on my end yet. If you see this again, can you let me know? (Any screencast, steps to reproduce, etc. will help us to keep looking into it!)

As for (2), the best place to keep an eye on this will be our Changelog, where we’ll document all releases. 


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Re. (1), sure will do if I notice a pattern.  Sadly unlikely while I’m not actively working on it though.

Re. (2) Cool.  Is there a push notification (mailing list or something) that I can subscribe to?  (to save random period checks that I’ll forget to do ;-) )


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Thanks, @Arkade! Our changelog doesn’t have a subscribe functionality yet, but it’s a great suggestion 😁