Admin-scope API to list all boards in a Miro Team

  • 10 January 2022
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Is there any way to list all boards in a Miro team and the permissions associated with them? The use case is to create an external search index for Miro boards for the entire team without every user needing to authorize separately. This would require having an app integration at admin/team-scope (as opposed to user-scope).

6 replies

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Hi @Garvit Juniwal,


As of today you can list only the boards of a specific team that a specific user has access to (using the access of this user).

If you are building an application for your company and have the access_token of a company admin, then you should be able to use this access token to list all boards of a team.


If you are building an application for external usage the search will only work for the boards this specific user has access to.

Thanks for your response @Anthony Roux 

We are building something for internal use. I followed these instructions to get an access token for a ‘team admin’ user on a Dev team account. Then I invited another user to the team. I created a board from the second user’s account, and left the team access setting to its default value of ‘no access’. Then I used the access token of the admin user to call In the response the board created by the second user did not appear.

Did I misinterpret something about your suggestion?

Hi @Anthony Roux  Just gently checking back here on my question above..

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Hi @Garvit Juniwal,


The best way to understand roles is to read this page. The API only replicates the access rights based on the product roles. If I understand well what you are trying to do you will need an Enterprise account and the access token a company admin with Content Admin rights

Thanks so much @Anthony Roux, that makes sense to me. Couple more followups before I start building.

(1) With content admin rights, are the board widget contents also visible to the company admin via the API. From this page it seemed like only the board name, team, owner, and some metadata is visible. The search capability we want to build would ideally index board content as well.

(2) Does the API remain the same for all plans, or do you have more APIs for the enterprise plan?

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  1. I haven’t tried it myself but I am quite sure they do get access to everything, content of the board included.
  2. REST APIs are the same. We offer another set of specific API in addition for Enterprise users named SCIM. There is one endpoint part of the REST API offering that is only accessible by Enterprise customer, it is: Audit logs