"Miro is the new website"

  • 20 November 2020
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I’m very sure many of us in this community are business owners or work for organisations with a website presence. I too have one that I built and manage for my consultancy.

However, based on my experience (and I assume for my potential clients too), trying to get a good overview of a business or an organisation can be a little painful: lots of clicking around and lots of nested information while trying to piece together a coherent big picture. 

Often times we also resort to sending “one sheet profile PDF” of our business (or CV/resume for job candidates) to whomever may be interested. However, anything longer than 2-3 pages can be a negative for a prospect or a hiring person.

What if there’s a way to present all this information on ONE interactive page? One big picture view that gives a wholesome perspective. 

Presenting my hack: using Miro to tell my company’s story! #miromarketing

Everything that we can do and deliver is presented in this Miro board. A use case: While some prospects maybe interested in our training programs, we also want them to know that we can deliver a kick-ass strategy design sprint workshop.

Happy to hear your thoughts and do share yours if you’ve built something similar! Also, let me know if there’s anything else I should be adding into the space?



8 replies

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@Isman Tanuri -

Very cool idea! It does present a novel way of positioning a company, especially when Miro is an integral component in how that company delivers value.


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Thanks, @Kiron Bondale! And that’s the underlying intention as well, a nice little introduction to Miro for the viewer (if they’ve never experienced it before) :)

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@Isman Tanuri - I completely agree with and support this idea!

A few months ago while submitting a template to the Miroverse, I was asked for my bio and social links. That’s when I had the idea to set up a basic Miro board with a link to my LinkedIn profile (to start) and then I redirected my domain name from LinkedIn to this new board. However, during a test, I was quickly reminded of how boards look to non-signed in Miro users. I would want them to at least see this:


However, it looks like this:

It kind of reminds me of a Myspace page :astonished:

Load up an incognito browser window and visit → https://www.robertjohnson.ca

After this experiment, and reading @Kim Roth Howe’s How have you structured Miro boards to use them as "hubs" or "libraries" to manage complex information? post, I created the following Wish List Idea (that could use some more votes :wink:):

Configure board defaults for first time viewers

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Very cool idea, @Robert Johnson! I believe it looks okay, does the job :) Or you can do as I did, the “fake” Miro background. That should add some colour and pizzazz to your board!

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@Isman Tanuri :

Wow - I’m totally impressed - this is blowing me away!!!!:astonished::astonished:

Inspiring and shows me: “Hey Michael, you know nothing about miro and it’s abilities”.

Thank you for sharing this … it gives me a firework :rice_scene::sparkler: of ideas :bulb: what could be done next!


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@mlanders Hey, thank you, Michael! Equally, I’m still learning and acquiring new ideas and use cases from this community too. Our next APAC VMUG is an “Amazing Race”-type event by a guest presenter. I’ve not a lot of idea of what she’ll be doing but I think she’ll rock it and I’m going to learn a lot from it.

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You never cease to amaze @Isman Tanuri. I have been sending out proposals lately to some clients using Miro, and if this is the platform we are leveraging to deliver our work, training, or activities, the sooner we start showing folks and getting them acclimatized to using it. Well done!

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Thank you, @Jonathan White! As Kiron mentioned earlier too, it just makes more sense to go this path, isn’t it? Plus it’s a flexible pliable platform. We can get as imaginative as we want with our proposals :)