Zone with nested frames

  • 8 March 2023
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  • create a zone/section/room which allows nesting multiple frames. 
  • I share a project or team board with several coworkers.  Having one board is great for collaborating and sharing tools and resources, but we want to block off section/area for our personal work.
  • When I share a board with visitors, they get lost or confuse with all the board’s space. I wish that they could search for the zone name and find our work.

1 reply

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@Deidre Dunham -

The Frames panel is a convenient way to address the latter two points - if you create Frames for each coworker in the board (e.g. Bob - personal area), then the Frames panel can be used to quickly navigate to them. And you can use the Miro links capability to link to the shared Frame for collaboration purposes.