World Map pictures

  • 31 May 2021
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Wondering if anybody has come across any impressive world map pictures in their Miro travels (I'm specifically looking for map pics that preferably have the name of the countries along with their respective capitals)


Perhaps something similar to the one used during virtual miro user groups


3 replies


Where can I get this one?

This is exactly what I am looking for


Thanks in advance

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@Mishal@Factry Factry :

You can search in Unsplash or in different StockPhoto Sites like IStockPhoto:

The only restriction is by this IStockPictures:

You’re not allowed to place them into any template-based work f.e. like miroverse.



Hello, I found this zoomable map online, which you can take right up to 400% without losing too much detail and quality.

I don’t know about user rights, but here’s the link: