Why is it rocket science to figure out how to select and move a single object???

  • 25 October 2020
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None of these tips work, unless I need to write some javascript code to enable a simple feature as to moving the sticky notes or any other object that I am putting on my board. Ridiculous. I am about ready to just do this on Figma. 

The templates make no sense (journey map, user map, affinity map) none of which are aligned to how I would actually use them. 




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5 replies

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@debbie - I can assure you that I am not a rocket scientist and am able to move objects on a Miro board.

Perhaps your cursor is in drag mode (a “hand”)? You can change it to select mode (an arrow) on the content creation toolbar or by using the V or H hotkey:


If by “move a single object” you are suggesting that, when you try to move one object, another moves with it, perhaps they are grouped:


As for the built-in Templates, they are not meant to be a one-size-fits-all rather a starting point. If you none of the built-in templates are working for you, you may want to have a look at the templates available on the Miroverse site. Additionally, if none of these match your processes, you can always create your own custom template.

Some Help Center articles that may be of assistance to you:

I am definitely using the select mode as you indicated, but the hand icon goes away and does not enable me to touch anything. All I get it the creation of yet another stick it or text box instead of being able to click and drag or even edit the text of whatever is there.


There must be some lock on and it’s very unfortunate this is my very first user experience. I use Figma, Sketch, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia--you name it. I am not clueless of how to grab and edit an item on any board, this is too much! 24 hours and my board is utterly useless b/c I can’t edit anything after I create an initial text box of sticky note. 

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@debbie -

How are you accessing Miro? Are you using one of the supported browsers as per this Help Center page:


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@debbie - In addition to @Kiron Bondale’s question, I would ask what your input method is - mouse, trackpad, touchscreen, stylus, etc.?

As a test, if you using a browser + mouse and not a Miro desktop, mobile, or tablet app, then I would go into your board and set the Navigation Mode to Mouse.

In this GIF,

  • I am on a Windows 10 laptop
  • using the latest version of the Chrome browser,
  • using a mouse,
  • with my board’s Navigation Mode set to Mouse,
  • and my cursor in select mode,
  • and then I an clicking-and-holding my left mouse button on this sticky note
  • and then moving/dragging it (you can also see that, if I click on the canvas while in select mode, the cursor turns into a hand and I can pan around/move the canvas):


If you are still having trouble after reading these other resources, it may be your mouse settings.  Go to Settings (gear icon, upper left corner) > Preferences > Mouse.  You may find that you are on “Auto Switch,” which does not allow you to move items.  If you switch to “Mouse,” you will get the hand symbol, which allows you to grab and move items.