Video/Call issue, cant hear or unmute.

Hello Miro Customer Support.

When joining a Miro board for a meeting, I am technically able to join the call, but unable to hear, or unmute.
The mute button will flicker, but not accept my input and unmute, same goes for the video button.
My browser permissions are set correctly and Miro is allowed to access my microphone and camera/video input.
Co-workers can see me “in the call” but are unable to communicate with me and vice versa.
Please let me know if there is anything I can try or anything you can do to help.


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@Phillip Colins - I would suggest that you start by reviewing the troubleshooting section of the Video Chat help center article, specifically the parts about VPNs and the fact that the video/audio requires access to Amazon Web Services (AWS):


I am not using a VPN. I have read through the Video Help center articles and checked all my permissions. I am connected to AWS and have no other connection issues.
This appears to be a bug.

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If you believe it is a bug, I would suggest reporting it the Miro support team.